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Inexpensive Marble Countertops Supplier Near Virginia

Discover a selection of premium quality marble countertops that is bound to boost the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen space. We offer a versatile range of marble kitchen and bathroom countertops based on unique designs, classy appearances, glossy finishes, and lively colour combinations, from striking, glossy to neutral, matte marble counter tops. Explore the shade variations as unique as cream, charcoal, rose, brown, and white marble countertops.

Regarded highly for their exquisite colors by our esteemed customers, our collection for kitchen Counter Tops is equally great for enhancing the functionality of your kitchen surface. Crafted from authentic limestone, we offer the best marble countertops that ensure excellent durability and longevity. So, if you’re looking for the most reliable Marble kitchen countertop supplier in Sterling, VA, visit Capital Marble Granite today.

Colour Selection

A remarkable colour selection in marble countertops awaits you here at Capital Marble Granite. Choose your desired color combination from Gray, Carrara, Calacatta, dark, white, and silver marble . Here’s a glimpse of what you will discover at our marble kitchen countertops store in Sterling, VA.

Black and White Marble Countertops

We do understand there are a number of styles and color options for marble countertops in Sterling, VA. But the more neutral tones are in-style if you look at the modern interior designs. So, choose between contrasting colour tones such as white and black.While white Italian surface can pair nicely with dark cabinets such as Galaxy Espresso by Fabuwood or Pepper Shaker by Forevermark. Likewise, black marble countertops go well with bright, glowing cabinets such as Fabuwood’s Galaxy Frost or Forevermark’s Ice White Shaker cabinets. Or else, if you’re looking for something in-between these two, go for the dark grey marble countertops. The best thing about gray marble slabs is that they are available in a range of different styles to fit your existing kitchen design ideally.

Marble Countertops Sterling Va
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Marble counter colors & Styles

At Capital Marble Granite, we offer durable and sturdy Shelfs in several shades and styles for your diverse kitchen design. Our range of colour combinations includes just about every color scheme of kitchen slabs that you find perfect for your kitchen space. Discover our collection of shiny, glossy white marble countertops as well as darker matte countertop variants—and a lot more.

Marble Is a Remarkably Affordable

Due to its stunning appearance, marble might seem highly expensive. But it is pretty affordable as compared to caesarstone and granite slabs. However, it all depends on your kitchen countertops supplier and how reliable they are. At our showroom, discover stylish marble countertops at the best price in the entire Sterling, VA, area.

Marble countertops
Marble vs Granite Countertops

Marble vs Granite Countertops

If granite is all about sturdiness, marble is all you need to add grace, elegance, and aesthetics to your kitchen space. Although there might be an edge in terms of the durability of granite vs. marble countertops, the one thing that both types of stone have in common is they are extremely difficult to stain or damage., But marble isn’t any less durable either, and that too with added aesthetics. Similarly, quartz offers both durability and aesthetics but is a little expensive in terms of price. So, figure out your requirements carefully when choosing  between one of them.

How to Buy Marble Slabs Near Sterling, VA

At Capital Marble Granite, we offer marble countertops at the best rates in your vicinity. Find us online by searching “the best kitchen countertops supplier in Sterling, VA.” Explore our selection online, choose the one that you find the most alluring and functional, and head to our store to make the purchase right away.

Use Our Kitchen Visualizer

Use our kitchen visualizer to envision the adornment your kitchen will have once you buy our kitchen countertops. Select the marble countertopscolor and style you want and visualise it using our simple tool.

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